Testing New Ideas and Strategies

There's a phrase I hear often in the sales world, "Always Be Closing (ABC)." For me, "Always Be Testing" hits closer to home. When I'm not busy with client work, I'm always testing new ideas and marketing strategies to stay up-to-date on trends and new tactics.


The Challenge

Build and launch a digital network in less than one week.


A digital space dedicated to discovering and promoting short films, web series and documentaries created by women of color.


Test Quick, Fail Fast and Adjust

When working with startups, I always encourage founders to quickly launch with the most simple version of their product or service. This allows me to articulate my idea while also getting feedback from early users. While building You Should Be Watching (YSBW) I took my own advice. I quickly built a website that featured dozens of free-to-view films created by women of color.

After designing the site, I created and launched a social media strategy utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive conversations with diverse filmmakers. In just 2 months we gained over 10,000 followers across all accounts.

The Library

I built a digital library featuring hundreds of free-to-view films created by women of color.

What's Next?

As YSBW continues to grow, I will continue updating the database of free-to-view films. I plan to eventually expand into personalized profiles that recommend films based on your interests and allow you to create playlists of your favorite films.