Creating a Discovery Platform

The Watchlist is a platform that celebrates and centers stories created by or featuring women of color.



The Challenge

Launch a discovery platform that allows users to find short films, web series and documentaries created by women of color.


Design and develop a digital space and community for WOC creators, critics and enthusiasts. Deploy a multi-platform social strategy that engages women of color.


Working Around Discovery Algorithms

As a film lover and producer, I spend an obnoxious amount of time looking for new shows to binge on. After working my way through the most popular content online I noticed it became increasingly difficult to find shows created by women of color. In response, I created The Watchlist as a short-term solution for a larger industry problem.


Building a Vibrant Community

In addition to helping viewers find shows created by women, I also wanted to empower more women to share their voices through our digital community. We created a sharing community by regularly featuring new shows on our site, social media accounts and newsletter as well as opening the site up to WOC film critics.