2018 Summer Bucket List

nik stephney in bywater, new orleans

I've been living in New Orleans for almost two years now. Before moving I used to visit frequently. Every visit was filled with magical moments and I always left town with plans to return sooner rather than later. Once I moved, New Orleans became just another city.  For some reason, I couldn't connect with the magical experience I had before. Since this was my first time really moving away from home, I didn't account for the adjustment period that would follow. A few weeks ago I almost made the mistake of leaving New Orleans. I was planning to head north to Chicago until one day I woke up with a changed mind. The next day, the city felt completely different to me. It didn't feel like just another city, it didn't feel like New Orleans, it felt like home.

Along with deciding to stay here, I've also decided to cut my workload in half by halting all of my freelance work and eliminating nearly every side project I had my hands on. For the past seven years, I have been WORKING but I haven't been enjoying the life I worked so hard to create. This Summer, I'm really excited to let loose and explore this city I'm finally calling my home. Here's my bucket list:

  • Road trip to the beach
  • Take a swamp tour
  • Host a dinner party
  • Find the best brunch in the city
  • Go canoeing in the bayou
  • Dance at a day party with the best 90s r&b jams
  • Find a party with a dope afrobeat playlist
  • Go to as many black-owned bars and restaurants that I can stand
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